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Post Election 2017 Update: Thank You For Your Support

2017 Madison, NJ Borough Council Candidates Denis Schreiber and Ron Hendrickson
2017 Madison, NJ Borough Council Candidates Denis Schreiber and Ron Hendrickson

The Madison Republican Committee, together with our 2017 Candidates for Madison’s Borough Council thank all those who came out to vote for them last November 7th and worked on their campaign. Almost 2,000 residents voted for Ron Hendrickson and Denis Schreiber and they sincerely appreciate your vote as well as all the words of support from you, as our candidates undertook the vigorous task of running for seats on our local Borough Council.

The Madison Republican Committee extends in particular a warm and heartfelt thanks to Ron and Denis and their families. Running for public office on the municipal level requires time, energy and considerable resources, with the reward being many hours of volunteer work for the following three years in the event you win. No other volunteer position in the Borough requires more time, energy and complexity than the position of Borough Council Member. 

Ron and Denis introduced new and crucial emerging items in their platform.  Yes, controlling taxes, lowering expenses, managing money and giving back a FAIR SHARE of Electric Utility Profits to the residents are conservative Republican values.  But in addition an emphasis on Health & Recreation Facilities, Stem and Robotics Initiatives at the Madison Library, Solving Parking Problems Downtown and Revitalizing Downtown both by cleaning our public areas and discovering great new tenants for open storefronts.

This past year the Madison Republican Committee cast their net wide to involve new residents and create educational and exciting and entertaining events.  In January, 2017, together with Chatham Township Republicans, we hosted an event with Sheriff Jim Gannon on the horrors of opioid abuse for individuals, families and Morris County. Jim is a spectacular speaker and he has delivered on all the changes and recommendations he presented that January evening at Charlie Browns.

We then had superstar of Saturday Night Live, film and radio, Joe Piscopo come to Madison for a close and personal two hours of hilarity. Joe’s grandfather worked as a rose grower in The Rose City so it was a homecoming!

The MRC also partnered with several residents to have large get-togethers and house parties with many county & state officials in attendance. With the advent of the New Year, we look ahead to November 2018 and look forward to hearing from you all, to better understand what issues are important to you in local government.

Dwight D. Eisenhower observed “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”  We sense that our society is increasingly taking its privileges for granted, and starting to forget that they were derived from following America’s founding principles, which we also feel are Republican principles: limited government, prudence in public finances, observance of laws, and support of individual initiative in lieu of government spending to solve societal ills. We are concerned that that is increasingly the case in Madison.

The New Jersey of the near future will pose considerable new challenges for its residents and its municipalities. We live in a state where the taxes on all levels are amongst the highest in the United States. The new administration in Trenton seeks to only increase those taxes and seeks to challenge federal law by refusing to obey it. All these changes will put pressure on municipalities. Changes to the federal income tax put even more pressure on local leadership.

Our entire form of government depends upon dissonance and debate in public forums, to assure both sides of an issue are fully heard and understood, so the decisions we make at the Council level lead to effective government. Yet what we find in Madison, in the backdrop of this challenging future, is a Borough Council dominated by a local Democratic party which ignores the contrasting views of a large number of our residents.

So let's hear from you. You can contact us by email join our Facebook page, or join our soon to be constituted closed private group on Facebook to discuss and debate these issues. We need to make sure that things important to Republicans or heard and acted upon at Borough Council and we will not rest until we feel that that voice is heard and respected.

We promise to listen carefully, to learn what you, as Republicans, want for your community and your government, and respond accordingly.  Please get involved to both save and better our town of Madison, New Jersey.

About the Madison Republican Committee

The Madison Republican Committee, through strong leadership, moral strength, and community involvement, strives to improve the overall quality of life for all of Madison’s residents.

We are committed to identifying and supporting the most appealing candidates for office – Madison residents who understand the most pressing issues facing our community and are committed to tackling these issues head on.

If you would like additional information about our candidates, elected officials or volunteers, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.