The "Fair Weather" Democrat?

This Year's Democratic Candidate for Borough Council was once no darling of the local Democratic Party

Despite all appearances, Democrat Candidate for Madison NJ Borough Council John Hoover wasn't always beaming from the pages of the Democratic Committee website. Once upon a time he ran as a Republican.

In fact, the very same Mr. Hoover generated a lot of unhappiness from within the local Democrat rank and file at the time.

This letter to the editor which appeared in the October 25, 2012 Madison Eagle shows how Democrat stalwart Nancy Bruce viewed Mr. Hoover with a jaundiced eye, when he was running as a Republican .

Yet that same Mr. Hoover is now warmly embraced by the Madison, NJ Democratic Committee. Be sure to ask Nancy Bruce why the sudden turnaround the next time you see her.

It seems like Mr. Hoover decides which way he thinks the wind is blowing when choosing his political parties, not the principles upon which they stand. That's in sharp contrast to today's Madison Republicans, who put principle firmly before privilege.

Pleae vote for the team of Hendrickson & Schreiber this November 7th, and help make Madison a great community once again.

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