Letter to the Editor of the Madison Eagle, from Madison Resident Tom Abruzzo, Reprinted Here

The July 23rd False Robbery Report in Madison, NJ rocked the Rose City
The July 23rd False Robbery Report in Madison, NJ rocked the Rose City

The following is the text of a letter submitted to the editor of the Madison Eagle. Since the Eagle is now only accessible online to paid subscribers, we provide a copy here for those residents who are not subscribed. It is reproduced here verbatim, as originally written.

Repercussions of the Welcoming Community Resolution

A fugitive from Costa Rica, who was reportedly living in Madison, was charged by Madison Police with falsely reporting an armed robbery on Sunday night July 23rd. Given the nature of the reported crime, Madison police were assisted in investigating the initial armed robbery report by police from Florham Park, Harding Township, Morristown, Morris Township, and Chatham Township. According to Madison Police Chief Darren Dachisen, "the incident put responding officers from Madison, surrounding towns and our citizens in jeopardy while causing public alarm."

What was this fugitive's crime back in Costa Rica? Not a couple of traffic violations, the fugitive is wanted by authorities in Costa Rica for an alleged "rape of a minor." So while the fugitive is a wanted man in Costa Rica, he was walking around free and clear in Madison up until the time he pulled his stupid crime. The fact this criminal found his way to Madison should absolutely give pause to the Mayor and Council's adoption of the ill-conceived Welcoming Community resolution which may provide undocumented immigrants comfort that their immigration status will not be disclosed to federal authorities. In order to avoid more situations as this taking place in Madison, I call on the Borough Council to modify its Welcoming Community resolution to remove any language that may lead illegal immigrants and foreign fugitives to believe that they can be safely harbored in Madison.

I recently sent a modified Welcoming Community resolution to the Council that (1) maintains all the "Welcoming" language from the original resolution; (2) places no additional burdens on Borough employees or the Madison Police; and (3) would maintain Madison's historical commitment of cooperating with the federal government, which would keep Madison from ever being designated as a Sanctuary City and would put the well-being of all current and future Madison residents first and foremost.

Tom Abruzzo
Maple Avenue

Do you have a question about the Welcoming Community Resolution? Would you like to make your opinion known on this website? Contact the Madison Republican Committee.

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