Voting in Madison

A main goal of the Madison Republican Committee is to ensure that every member of our community can exercise their right to have a voice in the future of Madison.

Register to Vote

If you are not currently registered to vote, we strongly encourage you to do so! Click here to learn how to register.

Madison Voting Districts

Madison is divided into 14 voting districts – each represented by one female and one male member. The following table lists our members, by district. If you see a blank cell, we are actively seeking a representative for that district, and would love for you to join our team.

To find out your voting district, please visit the State of New Jersey polling place search page, or refer to the chart.

District Representatives

Title Female Representative Male Representative
1 Kathy Hanley John Forte
2 Louise Paterson Joe Hamilton
3 Barbara Puglisi Stephen Hanley
4 Teresa DeMarzo Sam DeMarzo
5 Brenda Catalanello Joseph Falco, Jr.
6 Open Anthony Somma
7 Open Tom Basta
8 Kathy Dailey Nino A. Coviello
9 Julianne Cefalu Donald Bowen
10 Christine Dalena Paul Daly
11 Open Jerry Stevenson
12 Diane Ryan Rich Holden
13 Theresa Romano Ted Ryan
14 Open Pat Rowe

Vote by Mail

Voters can now Vote By Mail in any election.

For more information, please visit the New Jersey Division of Elections.

Where to Vote

Election Official: Elizabeth Osborne
Phone: (973) 593-3041 Fax: (973) 593-0125

By District

District Address
1 New Life Fellowship
2 North Star Athletic Club
3 Grace Episcopal Church
4 North Star Athletic Club
5 Madison Public Library
6 Madison Housing Authority
7 Madison Public Library
9 New Life Fellowship
10 North Star Athletic Club
11 Grace Episcopal Church
12 Madison Public Library
13 Madison Public Library
14 Madison Housing Authority