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Dr. Ronald C. Hendrickson

Borough Council
Dr. Ron C. Hendrickson, Madison Republican 2017 Candidate for Borough Council

Dr. Hendrickson is a research scientist at a leading cancer research center in New York City.

He leads the technology area that looks to measure proteins in cells and tissues with the goal to diagnose cancer and to get the right drug to the right patient.

Denis Schreiber

Borough Council
Denis Schreiber, Madison Republican 2017 Candidate for Borough Council

Schreiber, now retired, worked in the financial services field for many years. He was a senior vice president in Citigroup’s corporate and broker-dealer treasuries.

He also served as treasurer for Citicorp North America, Inc and Citicorp USA, Inc., and as a correspondent banker for Citibank, N.A. Prior to Citigroup, Schreiber was with HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Bankers Trust and First Pennsylvania Bank.

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Campaign 2017 — The Madison of 2020 and Beyond

We are The New Madison Republicans, representing Madisonians of today.” declared Dr. Hendrickson and Mr. Schreiber in a joint statement, the Madison Republican Committee's 2017 candidates  for Borough Council .  The news here in Madison, NJ is “the Madison Republicans are dedicated to moving Madison forward to ready itself for 2020 and beyond.“

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